Sunday, 30 June 2013

3 Apps for Mobile Blogging with S60


It pretends that mobile blogging is additional in style than ever recently and i'm happy I've quite few decisions for selecting purpose. Among millions of weblog platform that exist out of there, it pretends like "WordPress" and "Google's Blogger" square measure the favourite or right one amongst the "Nokia" and "Symbian" bloggers and man square measure we tend to cheerful.
Let's mention for this arena with some players.

Wave-log, is associate older Symbian shopper that support solely Blogger, WordPress, Joomla, YouTube, Drupal and Picassa additionally, that is extremely nice however, it supports recent version like N95 formally.Whereas it's been according that it works on a few of N series devices. Commercially it supports the E series largely. i'm completely shocked that it's not been updated to a a lot of friendly integrate. If you're willing to plow your method through, it works quite well.

Shozu,is a best application and it supports score of platforms, you simply name it, They feasibly support it.mentioned many Picassa, Blogger, WordPress, Flickr, Ovi, Facebook, Twitter, Mo-log, Type-pad, voice and Live Journal. once more as a good on the arsenal of any true mobile mortal out there. Congrats to Shozu on a good and excellent Application for a Blogger. bear in mind that Shozu could be a excellent "Feeder" of mobile knowledge to any or all your services, however it is not be-directional, meaning, once you send one thing to i.e.. Blogger you cannot get the picture into you phone with making an attempt once more and once more simply straight forward edit it, and resend it. therefore keep this in mind. I've used allot of images sharing with Ovi, Flickr or some others mention higher than.

Wordmobi, is associate application written in Language (Python) for S60 by (Marcelo Barros), that supports solely WordPress. This application may be a actually relish to use. It's got a good integrate, it's extremely visceral and it WordPress journal via Mobile work govt.

it's got a 2 half install once you'd live through that it's extremely swish sailing with this application, Marcelo has simply unharness a review of recent version, V.7 that supports score blogs promptly that one has superb choices. finally of this currently you virtually will support all of your

     ~Wavelog $16
     ~Shozu      $0
     ~Wordmobi $0

Choices may be straightforward generally, thus Happy Blogging! My favorite one is Wordmobi to web log and Shozu to feed media to my varied sites snappily.

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