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How to Host Website in Google Drive


Latterly, Google added an latest features to Google Drive-web hosting. Now you can your own website with HTML, CSS and JavaScript files into your Google Drive account. And did i mention that is it free always? Yes! it's just a little advantage comes with a Google Drive.

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As you can see tedious, prosaic and vapid URL of my Trial website, Google Drive is not an supreme hosting solution for you main web presence, but it's great and experimential or =fixed= time sites, like marvel invitation and temporary promotions.

What You Need to Use this Tutorial
* A Google Account-Drive is embodied
* A plain text editor or an HTML editor like (Dreamweaver)

That's it for ingredient! To make in us of Google Drive, You should also know how to make an HTML website.

Step One: Prepare Yourself

At the denuded minimum, you've need to create an HTML file into the Google Drive for hosting a site.

As you write your site's HTML, you can use relative artery for your images, CSS style-sheet, JavaScript (If any one have)

As your relative artery to a file within the same folder as yours. HTML files is just a file name like this, 

Background-image: url (handmadepaper.png);

If you are building existence pinch arduous, you may want to harmonize your file into image, CSS, JavaScript to keep things sleek. You relative artery to an image in a separate folder will like this,

 Background-image: url (images/handmadepaper.png);

If your using outside material in your website, like JavaScript library or a web font hosted hence, link to the secure version of that file, (It is it Possible). Google Drive site default to HTTP  if you haven't secure version in for your site then your daily basis user will face warning problems when they visit your site.

Step Two: Add Your Site to Google Drive

There are two ways to add your site into Google Drive; if you are using the desktop version of Google Drive folder then go to the next step,

If you do not use the desktop Drive, You can upload the folder through Google Drive website. The easiest and fastest way to upload a folder online through Chrome browser, insomuch Chrome allows you to upload whole folders.

To add you website through the web integrate, Log-in to Google Drive, if you have Chrome browser then click next to the "Create" button. Then, upload whole website folder.

If you are not using Chrome the click on "Create" button to make an upload folder within you Drive. Open that folder to upload files which you want to keep store in your Drive.

Step Three: Make Your Site's Folder Public

Once you have got you site's folder in your Drive, your are just nearly away from publishing your folder.

Go to the Drive Website and Hit the check-box next to your folder's name. Hit the "Share" button above;(it'd be showing like a person with a plus sign). 

On the next Screen, there would be a textured box, Under "Who Has Access", hit the "Change" button to link next to the default  "private" setting.

There would be screen appear with most common options, But, set the "Visibility Option"
radio button to "Public on the web", then Hit the green "Save" button.



Step Four: Get Your Page URL
After all doing this your folder is public on the web, you are ready to get it share-able URL. Go into your website's folder through the web-situated Drive integrate and hit on your index.HTML file. Drive would open on screen with light-box. Click "Open" button at bottom right side corner of the screen as I mention below,

Once your file open then click "Preview" link below the top of screen.

The Preview link take you to you page link. The URL in the address bar is your own site with new one. You can share that link with anyone and they can go check out you new web creation

Show Me Your Site
I'd love to see what you do with your Google Drive Hosting! Drop down comments

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