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How do I download Apps (iCloud) (Part 1)


 Use Apple's free online backup and synchronization service

If you have your own "iPhone or iPad"  then you also heard about "iCloud", it is the online storage that "Apples" recently launched for it's various mobile devices,as well as it's range of Mac Computers.
there are billions of PC users who own "iPhone or iPad", so 

"Apple" has also released a version of that "iCloud"  software 

that runs in PC too. it's not work like an Mac but still use as 

quick and easy way transferring files from an "iPhone or iPad" 

into your PC. it works the other way too, allowing you to edit and view files in you "Mobile 

Devices" when you are not at home.

There is a no charges to "Sign Up"  in "iCloud" account, it has free service includes 5GB storage. "Videos, Music, books" and "Apps" you can buy from "iTunes" store, do not count toward the 5GB, neither does your Photo stream. 

First of all 5GB enoughstorage to save all your other(documents, emails, calenders and other in-formations), however you can buy storage start £14 per year for an extra 10GB storage, and  £70 per year for 50Gb storage.

That sounds great, but the PC version "iCloud"  some have limitations. Sending photos from an "iPhone orr iPad" to PC is completely automatic, but transferring spreadsheet documents too or from you PC requires you to log into "iCloud"  website in order to upload and download file manually.

Unfortunately, "iCloud" email contact and calender supports PCs is not great. "Apples" mails calender and Contacts all are standard on all it computers and mobiles devices, So they share that confirmation without any problems. But, on a windows PC, "iCloud" can only handle information stores in Outlook 2007 or 2010- neither of which are free-and there is no support for the free windows "Live Mail Either".

The problem would be overcome if you're happy to set-up a new Email address, as "iCloud" work with "Apples" ( Email addresses which free in this and Plus, you are getting 5GB Free cloud storage to store your data, you can use to backup your "iPhone or iPad" and that is more than you would get from similar free cloud services such as (Dropbox) which includes only less than 30GB storage for a free users.

How to Install and Use iCloud

1 : In order to use "iCloud"  app you need an a free "Apple" ID.If you have your own "iPhone or iPad"  then probably you've already one, but you can quickly sign-up in "iCloud" settings panel in your "iOs" device.

2  : Once that is you done you would see a list of "iCloud" options that  are available, you can store and sync any type variety files and information, like as photos, documents, email and contacts and calender information. just select or choose which you want.

3 : In your system, just open this website iCloud for PC and you should click on "Windows PC". 
Download "iCloud Control Panel" for your system.(this "iCloud" works with "Windows 7 or Vista"  not in "Windows XP".

4 : The "iCloud Control Panel" on the "PC"  Provides a similar set of options to the website for sharing the photos, emails and other information. Some options would work better than that of others,though.
Sharing photo is very Straightforward, So that's the way from where we'd start.

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